Most Common Mistakes Series - Only tracking weight

When people set out to lose “weight” they’re already on the back foot slightly because their focus is on the wrong thing. Yes, if you’re 30 stone, weight loss IS important, but really, it’s not about weight at all, it’s about FAT loss. Weight has always been the easiest metric to track and is commonly mistaken for fat loss. We all have that idea in the back of our heads that “if I weighed X amount, I’d fit into those jeans…” or would look a certain way. We see someone who looks good, see what they weigh and assume if we weighed the same as them, we’d look the same, but this simply isn’t true. When we weigh ourselves, we’re weighing everything – fat, muscle, bone, organs, what we’ve eaten tha

Most Common Mistakes - Giving up too soon

Giving up too soon is a common mistake people make. In a world where people expect everything instantly, and where the fitness and supplement industries advertise insanely fast results to sell their products, it’s easy to get disheartened when the harsh reality kicks in that it’s not going to be as quick as you’d hoped! Patience and perseverance are required. I’ve even had clients who’ve quit when the going got tough – when they realised that even with a Coach, they still have to do the work and be patient because it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s easy to think that something’s not working when you don’t see a transformation from the night before when you look in the mirror each morning. You

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